Les cabines du Plat-Gousset de Granville

3 octobre 2015,

par Richard Howe

Chaque année,  le new-yorkais Richard Howe nous donne (dans sa langue natale) des nouvelles  du “Plat”, haut lieu du bavardage et du défilé de mode Granvillais. Dont il est un rigoureux observateur, en particulier des inscriptions ticheurtiennes.. (voir l’article du 14 octobre 2014)


les cabines du Plat

les cabines du Plat

The cabines have been removed. So the season is over and it’s time for our annual analysis of fashion trends on the Plat-Gousset. In general, this was not a good year for the fashion-conscious, as the cool, overcast weather forced cover-up of what might have been some of the most inspired offerings.

Nevertheless, advice scored reasonably well:  “Be Yourself,”  “Open Your Mind,” “Choose Your Own Way,”  “Let’s Go,” “Sleep Is So Last Night,” and statements of well being: “Today Was A Good Day,” “Good Mood.”  There was also at least one request:  a lady with the statement across her t-shirted chest, “Do Not Disturb.”

New York again held its own: “Harlem 1984,” “Fitch NY,” “NYC,” “NYC Hilfiger,” “Hilfiger New York NYC,” “Sunset in Man Hattan,” and lots of “NY” (Yankee style) caps of all colors. Unfortunately, Brooklyn made little headway, with just “Bkln Boy NY Dist” and “Garage Dept Brooklyn.”

The big news, however, was a boy wearing a Red Sox t-shirt! This follows a Red Sox cap wearer a couple of years ago. So there’s still hope for the Red Sox diaspora.  Other children’s messages included: “Little Man,” “Hello Kitty,”  “Happiness is Good,” “Perfect Over There.”  No superhero t-shirts were seen on kids this season, though one male adult sported a Superman insignia.

Beyond New York and Boston, a number of locations were represented: ““Florida Dream,” “New Jersey League” (university-type seal), “California 80,” “Property of Alcatraz Penitentiary,”  “Santa Monica,”  “Palm Beach,” “Hollywood Hall of Fame,” “San Francisco (university-type seal) California.”

There were a few statements of affection: “I Love You,”  “Be With You,” “LO(university-type seal)VE,” “A Suburban Kissin Your Life.”

As usual, advertisements were big: “Super Dry Denim 1948,” “Superior Quality Denim,”  “Italian Garage,”  “Jack & Jones,”  “Quiksilver,” “Abercrombie,” “Fitch Athl,” “Fitch,” “Superior 1995,” “Original 1924,” “Game of Thrones,”  “Sea Bass Society,”  “Petrol Co Superior Quality.”

Again, there were a few music recommendations: “Rock and Roll,” and “Soul Music,” But they were outnumbered by sporting references:  “University Sports Athletic Dept,” “Wave 84 Surfing,” “Fishing,” “Body Training Physical Ed,”  “Training,” “Eighty Nine Eighty Nine Eighty Nine Team.”

Sad to say, the celebrated college, “Franklin and Marshall,” appeared just once, and without the usual university seal, and there was not a single “Franklin.” But the college survives, barely, on the Plat-Gousset thanks to a spelling (the double L) in a partial reference to a once-popular TV re-run, “Official U.S. Marshall.”

The Plat-Gousseteurs remain somewhat patriotic, with a few U.S. flags (and Union Jacks) spread out over t-shirts and even one with a design of U.S. dollars.  There was relatively little bragging this year: “Best Selfie Best Selfie #Best Selfie.” One lady’s shirt described herself simply as “Nice.”  (I assume it was not a reference to that city in France, as that would have been unfashionable.)

I was pleased to see that the lady who talks a lot once again sported a handbag warning, “Blah Blah Blah.”

As for trends to watch for next season’s fashion display, Brooklyn may finally display its innate strength thanks to excitement over the exhibit Brooklyn Cool at Au Bon Marche. Another possible indication of a future trend is an ad I just saw in a magazine requesting, “Likez Nous sur Facebook.”  Next season could the fashionistas rally behind “Likez Moi?”

Can hardly wait. Meanwhile, I’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.